Friday, 31 October 2008

Hospital Feedback

Clane Hospital reported that the leaflets were going down well and they still had some left.
Naas Hospital had the same problem with responses from the busy receptionists as in the doctors’ surgeries. She did an excellent study going round the waiting rooms herself and asking 100 people for their responses face to face. 91% said that they liked the poems. 88% would like to see poetry available in the hospital waiting areas on a permanent basis.

Some of the comments included:
• “Very refreshing in comparison to literature usually present in waiting rooms. Diversity and quality of poems are extraordinary”
• “I like the variety more humour in poems please we need cheering up”
• “Passes the time”
• “Puts one thinking”
• “At the age of 66 some meant a lot to me”
• “Learnt back in school – 80 yrs ago”
• “Different”
• “It eases the mind/relaxing”
• “Reminds me of school”
• “Waste of money”
• “They are lovely”
• “A good read”

She asked for suggestions on improving the waiting room experience.
• “Too much television – not enough magazines for men”
• “Someone to recite the poetry”
• “Drinks machines/water cooler”
• “Ask waiting patients to compose poem/essays themselves!”
• “Faster service-take patients at arranged time.”
• “More poems and short stories”
• “Books of poetry and short stories would help peoples thoughts and feelings and relax them before visiting the doctor”
• “Ask people to compose their own and send in. Also a bit of Art (painting) not all “modern impressionist but real life and landscape”
• “Play area for little children”


Anonymous said...

I think this is a wonderful idea. I like the poems chosen too, they are uplifting and lovely.

Anonymous said...

I always think by writing my Poems (even though not great) gives me a great release. It's when we keep things within us, curning around;illnesses occure.And to be able to read others thoughts akin to our own helps us realise we are not alone in our thinking/feeling. Just my two pennies worth.
I think it is a fantastic idea, anyway.