Thursday, 30 October 2008

Feedback from Surgeries

Feedback from the surgeries was positive in the main. Many of the waiting rooms are out of view of the reception so they couldn’t see exactly how the visitors reacted to the leaflets in the waiting rooms.
Some of the comments from surgeries:
• “Well done. I noticed people taking them away.”
• “They weren’t thrown around. People were reading them.”
• “..very positive. They are reluctant to take them home.”
• “They’ve all gone.”
• “They take them but whatever they do with them, I don’t know.”
• “Nice idea.”
• “Not gone down too well. People are writing on them.”
• “I haven’t read a poem since the leaving cert.”

Out of 22 responses, all but one were positive. One requested another batch of leaflets to replace those already taken home.

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